About Us

100% scratch-made goodness. Without any of the guilt.

They say it takes a village. We say it takes a kitchen – and a lil’ bit of fun. Based in California’s sunny Santa Monica, Citizen Sprout is all about creating simple, fresh, wholesome, homemade meals and snacks for families and individuals who want to eat well, to feed the body and the soul.

With a focus on healthy, nutritious, oh-so-tasty food that tastes as good as it looks, we’re founded on the idea: Honest, healthy, tasty food shouldn’t be complicated.

All the flavor without any of the nasties; that’s our promise.

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Our aim is simple:

We want to bring back the fundamentals of eating well by celebrating whole, fresh, healthful food. Whether stopping by our store is plan A or plan B for your morning bite, your kids’ lunch, or the whole family for dinner, we make sure you never have to sacrifice for the sake of getting a meal with merit.

From the chef

As a parent, I know what an undertaking it is to prepare healthy meals for your child day in and day out.

Citizen Sprout allows me to share the joy I felt trying new dishes when I was young. I’ve tailored our menus to make meal time as stress-free as possible by composing dishes you and your child will love and love eating.