School Lunches Info & FAQ

+I don’t think my school is enrolled. Can I still order lunches?

Our program relies on a relationship and agreement between the school, the parents and us. If we haven’t already established this agreement, unfortunately we cannot deliver to your school. If you’d like to see if you school is interested in having us come to drop off lunches, please visit the SCHOOL LUNCHES page and scroll to the bottom to send a request. You can also come to our Retail Store and pick up some of our ready-made meals!

+What about allergies?

At Citizen Sprout, we don’t use peanuts or tree nuts in our school meals and we use wheat-free tamari instead of soy sauce. We do, however, have the above allergens (except peanuts) in our kitchen and we use them in our Retail Store meals. While we take extra care not to cross-contaminate, if your child has a severe or life threatening allergy, we encourage you to be aware of the risks. We charge a small fee for gluten-free or vegan dairy substitutions to cover the cost of these speciality ingredients.

+How do you source and prepare your meals?

Almost everything is made from scratch in the Citizen Sprout kitchen in Santa Monica. We source a lot of our ingredients from organic farms, support local produce whenever possible and use hormone/antibiotic-free proteins from responsible fisheries and ranches. We never use processed foods that contain artificial sweeteners and added sodium and we have recently switched to using natural sweeteners like agave, honey, or maple whenever possible. We make our own sauces and use simple, whole ingredients in every lunch we send out.

+Can I make changes or modifications to my orders?

We are happy to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions that are notated on each day but please know that as we are serving over 20 schools a day and lots of hungry kiddos, so we cannot accommodate any other changes or modifications to meals. We appreciate your understanding!

+What are your order times? Can I cancel my order?

Late Orders and Cancellations must be submitted to us via email during office hours. Our office hours are from 7am to 5pm Monday - Friday. You can contact us at hello@citizensprout

Same day delivery late orders will incur a $2 charge and will only be accepted until 8am that day

The cut-off time to order for the following day is MIDNIGHT. If you forget to order by the deadline, you must email to place a late order. Late orders after Midnight will incur a $2 charge

If you need to cancel, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible by email. All meal cancelations will receive a credit to be used on a future order, rather than a refund. Same day cancellations must be submitted by 8am to receive a credit.

+What’s included with your school lunches?

Lunches include 1 main course and 2 sides and each day you will have an option of multiple choices a day - we have our Kid-Approved Classics or the Meal of the Day. See the menu below for examples! 

Lunches come in Small ($10) Medium ($11) or Large ($12) sizes.

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