Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues
Nov 6th, Tues

Nov 6th, Tues

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The cut off time to order for the following day is Noon. Depending on the menu, we can still take late orders up to 8am the same day by emailing

Please note that same day orders incur an additional $1 fee.

Roasted Pumpkin & Chicken Sausage Pasta OR Roasted Pumpkin Pasta
creamy organic pumpkin sauce - with or with out chicken sausage
+ add parmesan cheese
sides: cheesy knots | fruit salad

Baked Chicken Nuggets 
housemade mary's organic ground chicken with a panko crust 
sides: baked potato wedges | sautéed peas & carrots
served with housemade ketchup

Buttered Noddles
organic butter and pasta
sides: roasted zucchini | cheesy garlic bread

Sunbutter & Jam Sandwich
on housemade bread with seasonal  jam
sides: cheddar and apple slices | carrot sticks w/ housemade ranch

Grilled Cheese
with cheddar on housemade bread
sides: orange slices | dried cranberry granola bar

Apple Cheddar Turkey Sandwich
with egg-free mayo on housemade bread
sides: cocoa brownie | goldfish crackers

Miso Kale Caesar Salad
with housemade croutons

Organic, Whole Milk +  $1
Housemade Lemonade + $3