November Menu

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Download your menu/calendar below to see your school's lunch schedule for the month: 

Vegetarian Options are available for most Meals of the Day, unless stated otherwise.  Please select "Vegetarian" in the allergy/restriction section for every day you wish to replace the protein with a plant-based substitution.

To see the Vegetarian substitutions for the month, download here. Please note that If you select "No Dairy" we will only omit the dairy in the meal. If you want to have vegan dairy, you need to select  "Sub Vegan Dairy" for $1 for every day. If you want to have a Gluten-Free lunch, you need to select "Gluten-Free" for $1 for every day. 

When you order for the full month you save 10%, or 2 free lunches. 
The Full Month Order option - found at the top of the ordering page. When you select this option, you get 10% off and you are ordering the Meal of the Day. The price listed is based on the total number of days your school is in session. There are no substitutions, add ons, snacks or drinks. This is a great option for adventurous kiddos! 

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