June Menu

New Guidelines for Ordering:
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As we move forward with our new home delivery option these are some of the changes that we have implemented. 
We will be putting the menu up one week at a time instead of the entire month, we feel that things are changing so rapidly with new local and state mandates that it would be easier to only take orders for the week.  For that same reason we are also not offering a Full Month option. 
Deliveries will be made on Sunday and Tuesday and all deliveries will be left at your front door in order to limit contact. There will be a $5 delivery fee per delivery to help offset the cost of delivery drivers now making deliveries to homes.
 All food will be delivered cold. Remove the lid and any items that are to remain cold before heating. Our packaging is oven safe and microwave safe. 
You may add any family meals, individual meals, snacks or drinks to your deliveries, check out our menu online here
Again, thank you so much for all of your support!!
You will find our home delivery school lunch menu below. 
June Menu

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